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Booking advantage NO FEES - NO CHARGE
It 's completely free. You just let us know the net price and we will add our commission over.


Booking advantage NO EXCLUSIVITY 
You can manage your property
with other agencies. we do not
ask exclusivity, just to
update your calendar.
Booking advantage EASY TO ADVERTISE
You just have to send us 
the detailed specifications about
the property and
we provide a full description.
You can send your photos or contact our Photo-book professional service.

Booking advantage DIRECT ASSISTANCE
We help you solve any problem
during the whole week. Online support for properties in Ita-Eng-Span-Franc-Deut.

We have an owner's reserved area where they can update the calendar in real time.
It's easy and fast. Update the calendar will save you time and money.

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Automatic notifications by e-mail or SMS to all bookings. Only you have to check your account andconfirm requests.

Booking advantage LOYALS CUSTOMERS
More than 60,000 tourists
have booked one of our properties
in the past ten years!
We offer to our customers a fast and efficient booking service with special offers and promotions.

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Who are our customers? 

Tourists from all over the world.
Business travelers. 
Foreigners traveling to events
as special expo, 
exhibitions and concerts.
Tourists with earlier 
experiences who want 
to learn more about the country.

Where they come from?

40 % Usa  
30% Northern Europe
20 % Australia 
10 % Rest of the World
How long do they stay?

Minimum 3 nights
A week
A few weeks to work
A monthSeveral months or a year

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