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add your property on Add your property on is a network with a data base of over 60,000 customers. We continuously seek  apartments, homes and villas with high standards  quality in Italian cities' of art, villas and cottages in the Sea Side and Country Side , and also in important European capitals or in other special locations in the rest of the world.
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Advertise Term and Conditions

Payments : withhold a percentage of the rent paid by tourists, and coordinate the payment of the balance due directly to the owner or will pay the balance before the deadline which is the day of arrival of guests

In the event that the customer has already made your reservation, decides to pay by credit card even the balance due upon arrival, we will send a wire transfer before arrival of guests, for the exact amount owed by the customer.

If you
provide by yourself  the reception of guests, balance it will be payed directly from the customer to the owner upon arrival
Upon payment you will give the customer a receipt for the amount received.

Photo Book:
If you need a professionale Photo Book of your apartment,
let us know, we will be happy to help you find the best solution for you.

Vacation Rentals, short term rental market (daily-weekly with a minimum stay of 3 nights).
Business Rentals,
short and medium term rental market  (1-12 months) dedicated to Business and corporate
Corporate Rentals,
medium and long term rental market (1-3 years)  exclusively for corporate rentals

In case of damage and accidents not attributable to or its representatives, the dispute will be between the owners and the tourists who occupy the property .

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For those who have property to let for long term. We can guarantee a real international exposure to your properties to rent on the majors rental listing. Contact us or read this page with detailed service informations: Long term rent listing.

For those who have property to sell, there are various ways of advertising on our sites. We can guarantee a remarkable international exposure to your properties to sell. Contact us and we will be glad to let you listen our proposals.

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